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Bailey (Spine and Health Mascot)

Bailey the Boston Terrier applied for the position of Spine and Health Mascot in 2011. There was stiff competition from other entrants including the local cat, a goldfish and a multitude of small fluffy white dogs.

Baileys love of patients, his PhD ( Puppy Has Dopey eyes ) from the university of Boston, and unusually good bladder control meant Bailey was a shoe in!

In his spare time Bailey likes sleeping, eating, walks in the park and dog bottom sniffing. Bailey is an adrenaline junky, just like his dad, Dr. Adam Meredith,

Bailey would love to go sky diving, water skiing and kite surfing when he is big enough. At the moment he is training for his adrenaline lifestyle by playing catch in the park (turbo style), tackling large dogs, and stealing food from picnic hampers!

Next time you see him at Spine & Health be sure to say hi and give him a pat!

Dr. Adam Meredith

Adam has a Science Degree, a Masters of Chiropractic and has lectured at Macquarie University where he taught Anatomy, Biomechanics, Muscle physiology and Clinical Studies.

Born in the quiet and quirky city of Adelaide, in the eastern foothills, Adam had many childhood adventures from exploring caves, freshwater fishing, long bush walks, catching snakes, motor bike riding and his absolute passion: water skiing (including bare footing!).

After returning from overseas in 1995 , a Master’of Chiropractic study brought him to the shores of Sydney. It took two minutes to realise he would live in Sydney forever.

An outdoorsy adrenaline junky, Adam enjoys water skiing and snow skiing at great speeds.

His latest and greatest adrenaline passion is Kite Surfing. Adam is a mad keen Kite surfer and kites every weekend (and every day after work in summer) as long as there is wind!

Dr. Adam Luc

adam luc

Adam Luc grew up in Newcastle playing footy. He loves a range of water and snow sports.

Adam studied chiropractic at Macquarie University and has a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic. Adam likes cooking and dining out at restaurants, while he doesn’t have a favorite dish, he can’t resist anything with chilli!

Dr. Stephen Yoon

stephen yoon

Stephen is a graduate of Macquarie University, holding a Masters in Chiropractic. He is passionate about helping patients suffering from chronic pains relating to their spine, such as back pain, tightness and headaches.

A specialist in correcting and maintaining postural distortions, Dr. Yoon, through his years of experience, has discovered a strong causal link between poor posture and spinal pains. Dr. Yoon states that “Through correcting and maintaining great posture in my clients patients, I have seen greater results than ever before, and seen a decrease in recuurence of symptoms. But the biggest thing I notice when my clients are posturally correct is an increase in their health, and improvements in the way they look and feel.”

Stephen is a keen basketballer, and has played since his teens to this day. In the summer, he loves to spend his time at the beach, catching waves and swimming. In the winter months he is an avid snowboarder hitting the slopes of Thredbo, and New Zealand when possible.

Dr. Anne Bolster

anne bolster

After 5 years of study, Anne graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic.

Growing up in a large family Anne has always been surrounded by babies and small children and as a result of this has developed a passion for children’s health. For the last 3 years Anne has also worked as a community care worker for children with special needs. She is a firm believer in wellness care for people of all ages and loves to see people achieve their optimal health while undergoing treatment.

Anne is very excited to continue her studies in Pregnancy and Paediatrics and applying her skills to the Spine and Health Families.