Functional Neurology

BPPV – Dizziness and Vertigo

By far, the most common cause of Vertigo ( being Dizzy or having the room or yourself feel like you are spinning ) is a condition called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV.  Chiropractor Dr Eric Hansen has made further studies, beyond his five year Masters Degree, into the field of vertigo and dizziness to [...]

What is Functional Neurology?

Chiropractor Dr Eric Hansen has undergone further studies into the field of Functional Neurology. This is the study of how the brain works and how it interacts with your body. It allows Chiropractors to examine your nervous system to find the areas of your brain with ‘physiological lesions’. A Physiological lesion is an area of [...]

The repercussions of concussions.

A recent study found that people who have had a head knock in the past lose stability when asked to perform certain mental tasks. What does it mean? If you have had a blow to your head, you have an increased chance of damaging your spine! One of the reasons why your back gets sore [...]

Concussion: Is getting a knock on the head a big deal?

Is getting a knock on the head a big deal?…YES! This article examined a group of people who have had concussions in the past, measured their balance while doing some mental arithmetic and compared the results to a group of people who haven’t had a concussion. The results are clear, brain damage impacts the way [...]